Why I love Flowers!!

I fell in love with Flowers as a child, my Grandparents Johnny & Dolly bless them, just loved their garden and gardening. My Grandad was very passionate about his runner beans!! My dad always bought my mum flowers , and he also loved buying her plants they were never saved for just “occasions or Valentines day”, so there has been abundance of flowers throughout my life, I recieved my first Valentines bouquet when I was 14, sadly his love was unrequited but they were huge and beautiful bouquet, wasted on a 14 year old girl if you ask me! I have to put this out there Every flower company will hate me for saying this but I think Valentines day flowers are a rip off, and also the quality that a lot of shops dish out! ( sorry about that ) I know not all are like that, I have recieved and seen some shockers over the years! Not being ungrateful but It annoys me how they rip people off.


Anyhoo, Flowers to me have always meant love, happiness and friendship. I am crazy about fragrance and how that stirs great memories the two go hand in hand for me. That’s why I love to grow Roses and Nemesia as the smells are just gorgeous! We did have the most beautiful Jasmine plant but sadly it had to be dug up and moved to install the conservatory, we did manage to save it and planted it further down the garden but it will take quite a long time to grow to the amazing fragrant magnitude it was before.


I really believe that flowers can brighten even the dullest corner or really pull a room together, and I love it when Peony season comes round. I grow my own roses which are a beautiful peachy melba colour and the smell is divine. Though this very hot spell we have been having here in the UK has made gardening here somewhat difficult, and as much as I love gardening with all the work on the house, having a dog and well time being limited it is difficult as they are a labour of love and time!

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 Due to this I am partial to purchasing my flowers for inside and have been loving using  freddiesflowers LouiseF7070



I do regularly go into town on a Saturday as we have a flower market, he has such lovely assortment of flowers and plants, and the prices are so cheap, you could come aways with 4 large bunches for £30. So I recommend you look at what is available locally.


If you fancy a day out with a flower theme I have three places ro recommend

Hitchin Lavender

Its a beautiful place where you can pick your own lavender and also buy lots of different lavender products in their barn shop, or have Tea and cake in the lovely cafe. Its also a fabulous place for a photo shoot, I am going in a couple of weeks weather permitting, so if I make it I will upload some photos to my Instagram.

The Baldock Flower Farm

If you love to pick your flowers but want to learn how to style them, or even learn the name of something that catches your eye, then go to the Baldock Flower farm and do their “field to vase” course which is £65. They also sell flowers at the weekend from a little Farm shop at their gate.

Columbia Road

This is probably one of the most well known flower markets in London, it is just fantastic, with a huge variety and lovely to potter around on a Sunday it is open 8 – 2pm


Where do you source your flowers from, would love to hear about all the other wonderful places out there we can source from?

Have a lovely day Peeps! xxx


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