Conservatory Install, a year in the making!


I have had a few of you lovely lot asking about the install of our conservatory, how it went along the way and how it is now, so just for you……

It all started in May 2016, we decided instead of moving we were going to do home improvements. We decided on a conservatory instead of an extension as didn’t want the hassle of applying for planning permission. We ended up choosing Anglian Windows because they are the only one at the moment to give the option of a glass roof. We knew that they would have to bring the glass roof and the skips etc. through the back as there is no space to bring it through the front, which meant we had to hire a garden company to install new fencing and a gate at the back of the garden, which has now warped and doesn’t look as good as it should, but hey ho it’s all a learning curve! Firstly we had to remove my late dad’s beloved Jasmine plant which I have to say was hard to say goodbye to as it was stunning and the smell was gorgeous but these things have to be done. We also on the other side had to have a Russian vine plant removed in time for the start of the install in September. They had to do this in two separate visits, and they were becoming fully booked hence why this process started in July.


We were all ready by September when the team arrived and it took about 7 days for them to dig out the foundations, build the bricks and thus creating the base. There were a few hiccups like the wrong bricks being supplied and built and having to be taken down and restarted, hence why it took 7 days and these guy’s worked all weekend to rectify it, the team were given the wrong plans, and the team were not supplied with an outside toilet as requested, the poor lads had to walk all the way to the supermarket or just didn’t drink much and it was very warm! This seems to be the norm though with big building work just be prepared for hiccups and flexibility when you are going through the process of making changes  to your home  which involves extending or renovating. The guys were so hardworking and done a fantastic job, and after 3 days of being left to settle the conservatory installers arrived. These were another great bunch of guys who worked so hard to have it all ready within 3 you see by the photos it was all complete within the 2 week period, it’s a pretty big one at 23ft long but 4ft in width. It sits lovely alongside our 24ft long front room as they also installed new patio style doors between both rooms. The only problem is the garden was left like a bomb site and due to it it being the end of September and more house projects to start we could not make a start on that until late Spring 2017! So we kept our eyes shut at the view outside the window.



 As you can see  it was a fantastic space to play with! I had seen a copper table byHabitat on Pinterest which I just fell for, so I then knew with all the light that would be flooding through and the white and red brick work I had to incorporate Copper and rose gold, as it just knew this would add a warmth and help further bounce light around, here enters my fabulous lights fromWayfair which my electrician named “day of the triffids “ luckily for Lee I have a sense of humour and didn’t decide to plug him in somewhere! Just kidding Lee!


What about the fabrics?

Well I knew I wanted soft grey roller blinds as with all the brightness and warmth we needed a little soft cooling. We chose these lovely blinds and they were made to measure and installed by a lovely husband and wife team and dog owners so perfect!

To create balance we went for Soft grey laminate flooring by Carpet right and the most gorgeous fluffy sink into grey rugs by Dunelm – Finleyfoo is very partial to languishing here! For winter we went for big fluffy cushions and a blush pink as for Christmas decorations I like to use lot of pastel décor. As we have a gorgeous snow white Christmas tree and a smaller white one for the conservatory and I do like “flow!” We have also installed a sofa bed by Tesco in here so if we have a few visitors at once I can sleep down here with Finleyfoo and be gracious and give up my bedroom, we then installed a chic studded chair also by Wayfair wish looks fab with a throw and a couple of cushions.


I have played a lot with the décor as I said firstly with blush and grey, to then bright mint, yellow & turquoise for spring/summer. I haven’t decided what I will do with the space this autumn winter; I am sure I will shop around my home and change it up once again! Maybe I will do a lilac theme this time! As the blush colour pallet has moved into the front room for its huge makeover.

As you can see my main staple is always Faux flowers & real flowers and of course my other love is my passion for candles which I use to accessorize and change up the space. This is also alongside my large collection of hardback books! Yes I have a problem and am a Décor/Lifestyle/cookbook Hardback Amazon addict! I am also a candle addict! I could probably do a whole post on candles and fragrance your home, if you would like to see that do leave a comment below! Anyhoo! Sorry I do digress! Cushions and throws are a major player for me as well as table décor in changing up this space. I have I think taken up shares (no not really. I wish) in Maison de Monde as well as Pottery Barn andAnthropologie! These shops are heaven to me! There is some toe curling, contented sighing when I wander round these stores whether virtually or in person! Anthropologie I could actually live in! Oh god see I digress again, Sorry Peeps! It’s the Scottish in me, we like to *blether as they say!


 We have moved our old dining table which has seen lots of scalding’s and all sorts so you will never see the wood be free it is always covered by a table cloth, and I really didn’t feel the dark brown leather chairs were working the space either, we couldn’t at this point afford a new table and chairs so I looked into how I could cover them, I was happy to say Maison de Monde had the answer YES!! We bought lovely soft grey linen matching table cloth and chair covers, and it all just flowed perfectly. I have since picked up beautiful linen chair covers from Dunlem Mill ( yes should also have shares here too) in a nice soft linen beige colour as this now flows with the base colour scheme of the front room.

My copper table is the star of the show, for this reason I have purposely kept certain pieces soft and plain so that we can layer colour in the form of accessories to complement and help change up the space for either season, party or well whatever takes my fancy! And having a Labrador who moults like a yeti I have to be mindful in what I am choosing and where I am placing it! Having pets you do have to choose your fabric carefully, as it must have durability but still provide a luxe look and feel.

 I hope you have found this interesting and helpful, if you have any questions or comments please do leave them below and I will get back to you!


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