Covent Garden the Louloulouisey way!


Welcome back Peeps,

I just love Covent Garden! It has always been one of my favourite places to shop or just potter when in London. It has fabulous Beauty shops, Great places to eat, and plenty of spaces to people watch, or watch the entertainers.


To me it has always been so colourful and quaint, it has that old Dickens feel mixed with modern day life and I just adore it

When I go to Covent Garden I like to firstly go and grab a coffee from  tuttons I just love the vibe in here, and if you sit outside it’s a great place for people watching, this is where we went first upon arrival to catch our breath after the train and tube, and with the weather being so warm it was fabulous, and a great place to discuss our plan of action!


My next stop is a potter and a few purchases from Paperchase it was full of Pineapple and Unicorn books, pen and accessories which was just full of the holiday vibe, I did buy a couple of bits which you will see in the photos! If you love stationery, and quirky designs or different and gorgeous birthday/celebration cards this is the place to visit!

We headed out for an ice-cream from laduree  not only do they do fantastic Macaroons, the shop is like a little Alice in Wonderland treasure, it does the most amazing ice creams, granted it is not cheap but it’s a great place for a treat like Chestnut ice cream!


We then love a potter, spray and sometimes ( just sometimes honest) a purchase from Jomalone

Jo Malone is one of my favourite shops, I should earn shares between all that I buy but also when I travel with my company I always am “helpful “ at guiding my friends to have a peruse and yes quite a few purchases.  I just love the space in the Covent Garden store and it keeps a dickens modern edge outside, but is very 1920’s vintage/industrial décor inside, The staff are always super helpful and friendly, I did refrain from buying the Basil Neroli , it was difficult as I truly love their Mimosa & Cardamom & Pomegranate Noir and did fall in love with this but hey ho, I am sure I can wait till November I think ….

For Make-up you have the fabulous Nars which is so cool and such a great vibe! And well I do love an Orgasm … blusher that is people and now the new lip gloss, tut tut you dirty mind you!!

My other favourite is the classy Charlotte Tilbury this store is so elegant, as my lovely Ig’s know as I have got you to buy the gorgeous Pillow Talk lipstick! I am an avid fan of her make up! And this store is heavenly for a browse, sample or purchase!

Now its Bath and body time, so I love to go to firstly Molton Brown the lady that works in the Covent Garden store is just adorable and so helpful! She is on holiday this week in Portugal lucky thing, but she is very knowledgeable and is just so lovely! We did buy a few bits, and were drawn to the new “Seabourn collection” This is only in the shop for a month before it is only available on the Seabourn cruise ships, OMG I kid you not this range is stunning and completely gives off the Spa feel and makes your skin and hair so soft and smelling gorgeous! I cannot recommend this range enough and does play a part in my SPA at home routine. The other new range we just fell in love with especially as it was so warm is the Bushukan via Thailand – so refreshing and exhilarating! we left with our purses a lot lighter but excited to get home and try out all our new products!


We then strolled round to as you have also seen from my Instagram one of my faves  Rituals  , I really do love their products and adore their candles and diffusers, I fell in love with their “ritual of light” at Christmas and one of my favourite candles is their Woody Vanilla. I picked up their new and Limited edition “express your soul” range which is just a juicy bursting fresh fragrance! I bought the diffuser which is gloriously perfuming my sitting room as we speak! I also bought the body & Linen spray for their other new range “the ritual of Karma “ and I am so glad I got this, I am receiving many compliments on this and it’s so striking, fresh but sexy.


Just when you think there was no more shop left in us, we headed to our last port of call Atelier Cologne well I am sure you can tell by the photos what a place this is! The perfumes are heavenly! I managed to buy a bottle of 200ml of Jasmine Angelique and they have a deal where if you buy a 200ml you receive a travel purse spray in a fragrance of your choosing and can have your name or initials engraved on the leather case – which I had done as you can also see in the photo! and I love, love, love it! It is an expensive shop, but if perfume is your thing, and you want a lavish treat for yourself do stop here, the Gentleman and Young lady who will assist you are so lovely and helpful! The Gentleman I have to say is model devastatingly gorgeous! I did think at some point I was losing the power of speech!


Anyways, after all of that I was so shopped and people watched out (oh don’t forget I loaded my video of Mr Bones entertaining everyone), that it was time to get home and collect my lovely Lab Finleyfoo. There is no welcome than collecting him when he has been away from us for the day! Even though to his nose I must have smelt like a chemical factory he still licked me to death! I really do hope you get the opportunity to go to Covent Garden and have a look around as it’s got something for everyone, and if you like the skincare by Diciem and the Ordinary a large shop is opening there very soon!


Speak soon peeps & please don’t forget to leave your suggestions of what to see and do in Covent Garden! xx


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