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A few of you lovely IGers have been asking me to do a blog on what I use for home fragrance! Well here it is!


To be honest my collection is Vast and when it comes to fragrance whether it be for myself or the home, I am… how can I put it, an avid sniffer outer! There is a possible chance there are brands yet I have not tried so do point any out these out to me.

My confession is I do have a fragrance cupboard!! Am I the only one that has that? if you do, or want to see it leave a comment below and I can post a pic or boomerang and post on IG.


When I go to the USA I do love to visit the world’s best Aladdin’s cave “Anthropologie” I haven’t been to one in the UK yet but must pop into one in London as to me it is a store I could lose myself for hours in! I find their shops full of gorgeous home goods, beauty products, gorgeous clothes and shoes and beautiful candles and cookbooks, oops sorry to go on as its beginning to sound like an Anthro blog! Maybe I should do that? Anyhoo my Anthro Fave candles are a range by Candle fish travel tins, they are gorgeous I have one that reminds me of my favourite Tenerife Hotel all though it’s a been a few years since I was last there and that is the zen vinccila plantacion dels hotel & Spa, and my other one I dare you not to like is a fabulous Garamond fragrance “Angel Food” it sort of reminds me of Angel cake! Oh the smell is so creamy and lush! And if you are on Sugar free then this is the one!!

IMG_8036 (1).JPG


The other brands I discovered on my US trips and fell in love with are Bath and Bodyworks and Voluspa! The reason I love these two as Bath & Bodyworks appeals to my whimsical eclectic tastes, as their range of fragrances everyone can find one they love and their scent throw is pretty amazing. Voluspa I love their collections I have tried and love Bella Sucre, one I cannot remember it now I think sadly it has been discontinued was something Peche – it was delish! I think it was creamy peaches! The other ones I have tried is Laguna – really lovely costal and fresh but not that oceanic smell that is cheap and synthetic! So if you love the sea or beach, highly recommends that! The other one which is very soft and sexy and if you like soft I would go for Mokara which is Lily, orchid and spring Moss. The fragrance range and room sprays are just utterly stunning and you can smell through the whole house, and even better all Voluspa home fragrances are made with no phthalates, no parabens, no sulfates, and no animal testing. And for you who like a bit of story behind the name well Voluspa is the name of the mythical Viking story about Thor and Odin. Not just for super heroes, we loved that it is also known as wisdom, or the name for a goddess of wisdom. Maybe I need to do a blog just dedicated to Voluspa too!


I have recently got into DW candles and have to say I have fallen in love. You can order from their website but also TKmaxx have some instock at this time! I love their Jars and fragrances, I have their Marine and Sea Salt which is fab, and this weekend as it the start of Autumnal telly and the return of Cold feet & Strictly I am going to use their Warm tobacco pipe candle, which is so warming, subtly sexy and makes you think of Luxury, champers by the fire and dinner for two! Though in reality it will be me, the dog and mum snuggled on the sofa with maybe a vino!


Closer to home of course I could not go without mentioning obviously the Legendary Jo Malone and The White Company whom I adore, and I think us Brits are steadfast fans of these two brands! They really are classy and rich. My favourites with them is JML Pomegranate Noir & Lime Basle & Mandarin for the White Company I simply adore Cassis, Winter, Verveine & Lime & Bay. I am crazy for the White companies Christmas Pot pourri, Botanical candles and I love when they bring out little ceramic stars and hearts with a little limited addition fragrance! And I love spritzing around either Jo Malones Pomegranate noir and the White Company’s Cassis and winter! Perfect for that autumn/Christmas vibe!


So lately I have been checking out a few new brands and have come across two independent small businesses who I think do amazing candles but are both very different! These companies are Soul Candles & SevenseventeenUk

Sevenseventeen’s candles are very classy, I truly believe this company can compete with Jo Malone & The White Company! I am in love with their Plum candle you really need to check it out, as you will not be disappointed and you are helping an independent business! The throw is fabulous and their candle design will work in any room.

IMG_8036 (1).JPG

Soul Candles give you that spa feel, and are perfect when you are feeling a little jaded, need a pick me up or very exhausted and need to just switch off and relax, I love using mine I use the “relax ” fragrance when doing a home spa day! To me I feel this brand could compete with Neom and Aromatherapy Associates whom I also love and to let you know if you love Aromatherapy Associates they have launched a limited edition fragrance in memory of co-founder Geraldine Howard which I personally think is a truly wonderful dedication. I for one will certainly be buying a bottle.

I have recently due to Instagram Pressure, what could we call that IGessure??? well I bought and tried the Aldi’s Jo Malone Dupe and I have tried the no2 one which is based on Blackberry Bay and I have to say I was super impressed! I hear they are now doing diffusers, my Aldi’s is small and hit and miss where I live but would love to get hold of more of their candles and also try the diffusers as you will see in my photos I do love a good diffuser!


How I do like Skandi brands and one company whom I use a lot in the autumn/winter months and I am an avid fan of their bath & body line too is Rituals, I adore their private collection and literally could dive into the Woody Vanilla Candle, and I hope they re-release the “fragrance of light” again for Christmas ( Sorry!) as that was another one I went crazy for!

Having just tried a lovely Meraki Candle also from the Little House of Hygge and it was called Sandcastles and Sunsets, I really love this company and am in love with their Rose water too, Little House Of Hygge is a favourite shop of mine and I do receive their subscription box, this is a British independent company giving you access to buy items that give you that comfy cozy hygge feel! They have 10% off your first order – By the way I am not sponsored to send you to anyone’s sites, I buy from these companies of my own accord from my sadly at times moth ridden purse lol

I have to say I like to dot diffusers around the house so you get a nice waft and gentle aroma as you walk into the room, I have been very impressed of late with Next’s home fragrance range, currently I am loving their Blackberry Compote & Cassis, The Hamptons & Rose and Orange Blossom. I also find M&S if you have an oil burner Neroli, lime and Basil & Sicillian Fig. I do like their Fragonard range for diffusers and am intrigued to try the Emma Bridgewater diffusers.


Two other British Home fragrance companies I utterly love is Heyland & Whittle & Lily-Flame they are mid range in price and do gorgeous fragrances and are very different from one another and if you have not tried you really should! If you love Prosecco I would certainly give the Clementine & Prosecco a try it’s fabulous! And really want to try the Vanilla Custard candle in a tin, I think that would be fab placed in with my B&BW Pumpkin candle which a wonderful Colleague picked up for me in NY. The other company has to be Lily-Flame, this company was the first company to really get me into candles and I still love Fairy Dust and I also love Dolly Rocker, Blush & for Christmas – Whoops sorry I said it! I love Christmas Eve and Jack Frost, and how couldn’t you with names like Dolly Rocker and the colours and chunks they have in the tins!


As you can see from my whole list, there are so many wonderful companies out there, the variety is huge, and I know there are tons more for me to discover! Ooh meant to say I also have tried a candle by Ecoya for my birthday and definitely want to investigate their range as I was impressed with the one I received you can find this brand at John Lewis, and maybe as I keep mentioning it I should do a home fragrance special for Christmas?

Please, please, do share candle companies you recommend, your favourite fragrances, would you like me to show you my candle Cupboard and would you like a Home Fragrances Christmas special? Maybe I should do a Insta story on that too! Once again Thank you for all your support, daily interactions and the inspiration you give to me! It’s such a creative paradise and I have made some really lovely Insta friends

If you wish to check any of these companies out, please follow the links below.


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