Can Products help you sleep better, tried & tested!

As you will have seen from my Instagram I was depserate for a good night sleep, so when I recieved my The Little House of Hygge – Sleep well live well box, I also looked at some new sleep products I bought and thought I would try them out and see what worked and what didn’t! My mission was a great full night of sleep!


I started using all of the products and have to say I found a combo that worked along with adding a little something to the mix and my neighbours actually being quiet for me to achieve the much needed full night sleep, and god did it feel good!


My winning combination was to firstly light the “this works” Lavender candle whilst watching the tv, I then went and had a relaxing warm shower with the Feather & Down shower cream mixed with the Elemis milk bath, I then applied the Bath & Bodyworks sleep lotion with chamomile which smells lovely! Whilst I let that soak in I sprayed my bed with the “This Works” Deep Sleep pillow spray which is extremley relaxing and smells fabulous!

The Feather & Down sleep spray is utterly dreamy and I sprayed this on my nightie and used the balm on my pulse points, and then massaged into my face and hands the lovely Scottish pure Faileag Lavender rosehip oil.


Rosehip oil is one of the best regenerative plant oils, it’s rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and E, the lavender is subtle so is not over powering. My extra hero items were I sprayed the back of my calves and my feet with Better You ‘s  Magnesium Original oil spray! Magnesium is great for relaxing muscles and aids sleep, magnesium oil and flakes bath by Better you are great also for sports injuries, running recovery and eczema but be warned if you have low levels of magnesium in your body this can tingle/sting at first but this will subside, I also put my fan on a low setting so the white noise blocked out any other sounds, with all the lovely lavender, chamomile floating around it was good night sleep and  all night long for Louise! Bonus I woke with amazingly soft skin. My advice would be to definitely get trying and mixing products around as I think you need to layer some products, re-think your bedroom routine, and try different combinations.


If you wish to know all the products I used please do look at my instagram Picture where they are all listed.

I would love to know what works for you, or if you try any of these products and they help you!


Happy Sleeping!



Elemis This WorkFaileag Rosehip Oil The little house of Hygge 


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