Reminiscing & looking at travel Ideas for 2018

I have been looking back over the past few years where we have done a Caribbean cruise on one of the huge Royal Caribbean ships Allure of the seas, I wasn’t a fan for me it was just too big! We have been To Miami and Hollywood Florida, Universal Studios, Disney world and Clearwater. I have to say I loved all of those places, Universal you can be a kid whatever your age. I have also been To San Francisco which I adore but I think this year I will leave my love for America and venture elsewhere, I did want to go back to New York as it has been 11 years since I was there and I did fall in love with it, sadly though when I was there it was a huge snow storm and was not able to do all I wanted to so a revisit is on the cards.

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This year as well as not wanting to leave Finleyfoo too long as he is going to be 11 this year and he misses us too much, I am thinking it will be maybe more of a city break and maybe a couple of dog friendly UK destinations this year

Due to work last year I had the privilege to travel to Denmark – Copenhagen, I only got a day really to look around which I made the most of, and from some of the evening entertainment my company provided I did get to go on a boat along the river and dine in the opera house which was utterly breath taking but would love to go back with my mum and have a more relaxed look around. I have to say with what I did see which was the beautiful palace, changing of the guards and the picturesque little Mermaid I thought Copenhagen was stunning and the people were so friendly, I found it to be one of the safest and friendliest places I have ever visited!


I have a few destinations that really intrigue me and I would love to go to, these are Amsterdam, Sardinia, Seville, Valencia, Croatia, Italian Riviera and Santorini. As all to me seem to have a variety of things I look for in a break or holiday.

I love to have things to go look around, I love to shop and eat delicious new things, have lovely scenery, architecture and am just hypnotised and relaxed by the sea. I do adore the sea but I have a very healthy respect for it and I am so passionate about sharks and the eco-system, but I am not going to lie, every time I step into their habitat I always keep an eye out just in case! Jaws you have a lot to answer for!


For the UK I would really like to go back to Norfolk with Finleyfoo as we all loved it, there is still so much for me to explore and that place just worked miracles on my boy! I only managed to get to Wells, Blakeney, Burnham market & Holkham house.  Finleyfoo was just in awe and delight with the place and all the smells, beautiful walks and lovely doggies he met, and I loved how it was a place that is so inclusive to dogs, which makes the holiday so much more relaxing for me, as Finleyfoo cannot be left home alone so really want to go to places in the UK where Finleyfoo can go everywhere with me, as he is part of the family and my surrogate child!


Mm, see there is just so much choice!! This is a beautiful country especially when the weather is nice, I have always wanted to go to York and Harrogate, but are they doggie inclusive towns? Would like to go to Scotland or Cornwall but they are such long journeys, and I currently don’t drive (don’t judge it’s a long story) and mum well she won’t drive on the M25 or for more than 2.5 hours!, wouldn’t it be fabulous if there were car hire companies which were dog friendly so you could pick these cars up at train stations?? Maybe there is, but I haven’t found any yet!

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As you can tell I am still not set on any destination! I think I will wait till March to start booking places, will keep researching, and if any of you have any ideas please do share them!

Well I am off for some hot tea and a ponder and possibly a bit of faffing! Toodles Lovelies






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