My wonderful evening at Foley’s Restaurant in Fitzrovia London

The Entrance to Foley’s is this lovely turquoise cocktail bar with barstools outside, and then a door into the rest of the bar and restaurant.  It looks so cool and inviting.


We were seated in a lovely relaxed area not far from the bar, the setting was very rustic and comfortable, with chilled music on in the background.

First of all, we checked out the cocktail menu and there is definitely something for every taste,. I went for the Airmail cocktail which was delicious and delightful with its little airmail stamp on the glass , while Louise chose an Espresso Martini  and Jo chose an epic sized Foley’s Gin & Tonic. Check out the full cocktail menu here – it’s epic!



With cocktail in hand and some lovely Puffed lotus seeds to nibble on which were really nice prelude while we perused the enticing looking small-plates menu  The menu is a tastes sensation, and great to order lots of small plates to share this delicious  Middle Eastern and Asian comfort food which is headed up by Mitz Vora who was sous-chef at The Palomar in Soho– who describes it as ‘modern-world’ cuisine

The food was as scrumptious as it sounded, we had , sticky beef, Korean BBQ chicken, sweet-potato fritters, grilled cauliflower which is delicious, rich with cumin and smoked peanuts but shockingly the groups favourite, and something I would normally run from but advised to try by our lovely waitress was the Grilled octopus and minced pork, every dish that came to us felt like the Anti was being upped, and we enjoyed every minute! It was a lovely warm summers Saturday evening so the place was semi quiet which was nice as we just found the whole experience relaxing, and we did not feel like we were in London but on holiday


We shared some ice-cream as we were so full up and thought it would nicely cleanse the pallet and it did, we had a gorgeous creamy rose ice – cream with Almonds! I would recommend if you fancy a casual but upmarket night out with friends or loved ones. To me the atmosphere and food make it a cozy intimate experience whilst still being cool and laid back


We all utterly loved it, what more could you want, a great setting, great food and drink with wonderful friends!

I intend to bring my mum this year as I am sure she will love it!


( Foley’s has gone meat free for January, so currently only this menu showing)



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