Bring me Sunshine – Fireplace Makeover

I know in the UK we have been experiencing quite a harsh winter, between snow, rain and constant cloud and it has certainly been a year for airing out and making use of our big woolly jumpers! Due to the gloom as we are getting closer to spring, I felt I needed to inject a little colour to bring some sunshine into my room and lift my mood.



After Christmas as I loved how the fireplace looked, it seemed so bare and drab, so I knew it needed a little colour injection, though I didn’t want to do something that would be over the top, I wanted something pretty and soft but warm and bright. I first looked at my painting and seen what colours and tones were in this. And I obviously wanted to keep my lovely Pineapple candles sticks.


I thought a nice country green which has a grey tone to it, some yellow and white, would pick out tones of the painting but work well together and flow, and would create the effect I was going for.


I am not an interior designer, but I have always had a fascination with colour and putting things together from a child. I was always trying things out whether it be in my bedroom décor to my fashion! As I am sure my school friends will testify!


I decided to look online with this colour pallet in mind, and found exactly what I was looking for online at Next home section. I bought two lovely jars of yellow and white flowers, and a diffuser and 2 candles in a complementing Green/grey colour. I couldn’t wait to have these delivered and then start faffing.


I was so happy with the overall look, and I feel it has really lifted the focal point of the room, and added some much needed colour, a little bit of sunshine! It has certainly picked out colours in the painting and I think it all works well.

IMG_2345 (1)

Do you like it?, have you done anything similar to lift the winters gloom?

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  • Jill

    Lovely blog Lou, I do have a interior back ground, youve done a great job with the colour pallet, I’ve always gone with something in a room that has dominance.. like a picture or a fabric that is not going to be changed, I’ve always worked from a colour wheel which is always a good way of playing around with colour combinations, you have a very good eye for colour…. and textures are good as well/ and elements. Keep it up.. Jill xx

    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      Thanks so much Jill, that means a lot specially with your background. I do love colour and combining styles, textures and such! I will try to keep it up! xxx

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