Come to my Favourite shop

Hello Lovelies, I wanted to take you to Anthropologie one of my all time favourite shops.


Why do I love Anthropologie, I just feel it’s a shop you can go into and wander around and just lose yourself, it has something for everyone and is always designed in such a lovely way. It makes me feel, remember when you were younger and you looked at tree trunks and wondered if there was a door to where the fairies lived and if you entered it there would be this beautiful folksy cute house, full of trinkets and beautiful things!. Well this is Anthropologie!


I first discovered Anthro when I was away with work in San Francisco, I just fell in love with the store, it’s like a grown-up Aladdin’s cave full of gorgeous clothes, jewellery, beauty, books, stationery Candles and home décor. They always have such beautiful variety of colours to suit every taste, they have soft muted colours, pastels and metallics as well as some brights!


Yesterday I went to the one in Regents Street for the first time and utterly loved it! I believe I was in there for about an hour! There’s just so much to discover. Your senses will be on overdrive as you smell the delicious candles, feel the beautiful clothes and fabrics, look at all the lovely colours. The staff were lovely and very helpful, but what I like is they give you your space to go off and explore and you forget you are on one of London’s busiest shopping streets!


My advice is find one local to you and just go in for a wander, and I guarantee you will walk out with a candle , a card or even a nice new Coffee Mug! They also have a great online site too, if you cannot get to one anytime soon!



Happy perusing my lovelies






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