Designs by SVP & Bombay Eclectic

Sarah Parnham is a vibrant, chic and infectious lady, who just oozes style and grace. Sarah is very intune with the current fashion trends and passionate about her designs.

A craftsman that Sarah had known for a few years let her design a ring. When she arrived back to the UK, friends wanted a ring made for them. No one knew their finger size, and from there SVP was born.


Sarah was a creative director at an advertising agency However, she have always been passionate about fashion and jewelry and used to design and make necklaces out of recycled chandler pieces and vintage beads.

With her love of Bombay where she resides with her husband for some of the year.  Inspired by her love of innovation and all things exotic, Sarah designs rings to be worn in multiple ways. Thanks to the comfortable adjustable band they can be banded, stacked or worn solo and changed up to be worn on different fingers each day of the week. There are so many possibilities with Sarah’s designs and due to the sizing anyone can own and wear these beautiful gems


The ring collection that Sarah has is so striking and different yet so classic and stylish.  I love how you can stack the rings in all different ways and how eye catching they are. What I love the most about these designs is they break all the rules, and I think now in fashion moving forward it’s about breaking the rules, being playful but personalizing your style. I can guarantee anyone that wears these will be complimented and no doubt it will lead to an in-depth conversation about these delightful rings.


I adore the starman and atomic design and the stones I just adore are the rainbow moonstone, Amazonite and rose quartz. It’s my birthday soon so I think maybe a little treat to myself is in order!

You can see the full range here on SVP’s website  


Sarah has also ventured into a new side project where she is sourcing interior, homewares and fashion from artisans in India. On display at the press event Sarah shared the most beautifully made leather sandals, in such lovely bright jewel colours . Classics and metallics. These sandals will go with any outfit and are the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe you can DM Sarah through her Instagram account to order for retail or wholesale. As you can see from my photos they are stunning!


The only thing I have to ask is what is your favorite design and gemstone, which colour would you pick for your summer holidays?

Do let me know if you buy any of Sarah’s fabulous designs!



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