Margaritaville Hotel in Hollywood

Do you want to be relaxing in the Floridian Sunshine, Then you must try the Margaritaville Hotel in Hollywood Florida! I stayed here for two nights before a cruise and we absolutely loved it, in fact I wish I had stayed here longer than go on the cruise!

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As soon as you walk in you have that Wow moment, when you see the fabulous decor and the huge flip flop. We walked over to the reception,  and the young lady knew our names, and asked us how we were and how was our flight! yes customer service on point right from the get go! How many hotels have you checked into and they did this! I have been all over the world and this was only the second time this happened.

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We were handed our margarita cups as we did a special “escaping the winter weather ” so it came with some extras, free Margarita cups, that can then be refilled in the restaurants or bars. We also had breakfast included in this deal.We were given our room key card and off we went, the que for passport control at the airport was horrendous and so was the traffic so it was 8.30 pm by the time we arrived and we had been on the get go since 6 am UK time so we were shattered!

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When we entered our room, we did a gasp of happiness, it was such a tropical, happy and cool room! all Turquoise, white and sand colours with the odd pop of orange, you felt like you were sleeping on a private caribbean island and it had the most gorgeous and extremely comfortable beds!


The Bathroom has been done to make you feel like you are having a shower outside on some caribbean island, the flooring throughout is this sandy coloured wood, the stunning turquoise tiles, with tropical beauty products, crisp white towels, and double sinks! We may have been shattered but we were so excited with our room and the lobby, we couldn’t wait to wake up the next day and explore.




We had the most amazing night sleep, it was fabulous! And we opened the curtains and we did that intake of breath again and squeal of joy!  We had such a fabulous and large balcony, with these gorgeous wooden chairs, and views of the pool and the sea! Breath taking! We knew we would enjoy chilling out here for a while after breakfast!

Off we went to breakfast, anyone with Jet Lag knows as it was now 8am we were starving, and in desperate need of coffee. we walked down to the Jimmy Buffets restaurant (there are seven restaurants and bars here) where we could get breakfast daily, and well another intake of breath! It’s true in America “its go big or go home” the decor was amazing! There were hanging planes, tables and chairs like boats, the floor in parts was the turquoise clear sea! A huge stage! it was amazing! This was the place to cure Jet lag!


( Photo above courtesy of Margaritaville hotel as sadly my old camera video died halfway through)

Our waitress came over and took us to a lovely table, explained how we can use the buffet or place an order, we decided we would order omelette, but go collect some toast and fruit from the buffett and have a lovely pot of coffee! I sat there and with the great music, the sea breeze coming through and all the decor, it was like happiness overload! The food was served promptly and was delicious, our waitress was so friendly and knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend you trying this restaurant when staying here, or if you are in the Hollywood Florida area.


We decided to go and get coffee and smoothies to take to our room and enjoy our balcony for a while, before we headed down to the beach. The coffee shop was cute and inviting and they had fabulous smoothie flavours! The coffee was perfect and hit the spot, we did detour before coming here, Yes the “Live life like a song store”, was waving at us and obviously dragged us in! I knew this was going to be dangerous! There are lots of Margaritaville merch ie t shirts, hoodies etc but then there are all these lovely dresses, kaftans and swimwear! Oh dear!! Once a candle, a tshirt and Kaftan had been purchased and that was just me, mum bought a teeny bit more, we thought it best to head over and collect the coffee and smoothies, and confiscate the credit card, well just for a little while!


Can I just say the lift is an experience in itself! with music playing, it smells gorgeous and there are beautiful pictures of the beach come up behind you! I never knew a lift could be so much fun! And you always meet such lovely friendly people.

We made it back to our room, opened the doors and took our seats, and taking in the fabulous views, and where greeted with hellos and waves from other rooms from other guests who were doing the same! this is just how this place is, Friendly, fun and relaxing!


That afternoon and evening we had a date with sawgrass mills 7 mile shopping mall as we were off on our cruise the next morning! We did though go to the beach for a few hours, which was heavenly, such comfortable beds and umbrella, the beach is clean and chilled. We then decided to check out the pool and relax here for an hour, it’s great, music playing, beautiful waterfall and the whole surroundings were just fabulous! We Loved it!

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we decided to grab some lunch in the Landshark bar and Grille before we headed off! the waiter and I did have a laugh as I nearly fainted at the size of the chicken sandwich! Good job I was going to be doing a lot of walking! Once again the food and service was spectacular!



Sadly we didn’t get back until 9pm and the jet lag and all the walking was kicking in, which I am so sad about as I really wanted to sample some cocktails, but knew we had to pack away what we had bought and organise for the cruise the next day! As they say time flies when you are having fun!

We had breakfast and check out was a breeze, the staff are so helpful, and made sure we got packed away safely into a taxi for our next adventure

I cannot recommend this hotel enough, you really must check it out!

I would love to go back here again next year, but stay for longer and check out more of the Hollywood beach area and even do the water taxi over to Fort Lauderdale. This hotel was pure relaxation and fun! I can definitely get behind “its 5 o clock somewhere”





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