Can walking really benefit our health & wellbeing?

I have to say I love being outside, I love walking Finleyfoo, it just makes me happy and I de-stress, I feel more focused on it too! The question is, Can walking really benefit our health &  wellbeing? Well yes apparently it does, on many levels, let me share with you what they are.

1.It Makes You Happy

Apparently, research has shown that just like the “high” runners get, walking can provide the same “happy” chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. This elevates our mood during and after exercise! Now it makes sense to me why Finleyfoo and walk about those woods smiling all the time! I am guessing he is on a high too!


2. Strengthen your bones

The best exercise for your bones is the weight-bearing kind, which forces you to work against gravity and this would include walking

3. Blood Pressure & fight against heart disease

This obviously does not happen from one walk, this will happen if you continue to do this over time,  Walking is a form of aerobic exercise and is one of the easiest ways to increase your physical activity and improve your health. … Exercise also increases your lungs’ ability to take in oxygen, lowers blood pressure, helps to reduce body fat, and improves blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


4.Help strengthen your immune system to ward off common viruses and flu

David C. Nieman, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C., and a former president of the International Society of Exercise Immunology said his research shows that moderate exercise increases the recirculation of important immune cells, especially from bone marrow, the lungs and the spleen. It has the effect of cleaning up the body.  To get to moderate levels obviously we would have to pep up the pace a little, so I think over time you could definitely build up to this.


5 It can make you look younger.

Now I know why not having a driving licence and walking nearly everywhere has helped me!  Dr Mark Tarnopolsky ran a study where a group of adults had to take part in 3 hours of moderate exercise a week, a patch of skin on their bottoms, is an area rarely exposed to the skin-damaging effects of the sun. The sample who had been working out displayed visibly younger looking skin. you can read more about this follow the link below

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This fascinated me and explained a lot, yes ageing has a huge amount to do with genetics but there are always ways we can help that with lifestyle.

So all in all, I think it’s a clear case for our mental and physical well being we all need to get outside and get walking! Granted in this country the weather doesn’t like to play ball but I have been out in all weathers due to having a dog, and I still love it, plus this does not involve any pricey gym fees, It’s free! I know for some people 3 hours per week could be a lot, but 3 hours to help your health and well being doing something did I mention that is free! Surely that has to put a smile on your face!

IMG_4850 (1)

I would love to hear if you have any tips you have found has helped your mental or physical well being, have you now read this and had the courage to start doing a little walk, have you parked the car further away, or walked to school/local shops instead of driving! Keep me posted!


Louise XOXO



    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      It really does, I love walking Finleyfoo in the morning as it sets me up for the whole day!

  • Diana

    I love walking when the weather is nice.! I have started sometimes walking home from work instead of taking the tube, which is a 40-minute walk, and it has really upped my spirits.
    Lovely post, Lou, super informative!

    thedecemberdame. com

    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      Thanks Diana, it’s amazing how it can help mentally and physically! Good on you making those changes! Xx

  • Louise

    I really miss walking in the Danish forests! Don’t get me wrong – I love my life in London too, but I do believe in the power of “healthy, fresh” air instead of pollution 😉 Your pictures are lovely as always, hun! And your dog is so sweet! When Clara is here, I wil make sure to get her out of the city as much as possible <3
    X Louise

    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      Thank you so much Louise. I am lucky Finleyfoo is a good old boy. I imagine the forests there are gorgeous, I went to Copenhagen last March for the first time and fell in love, such a Beautiful place! Yes getting Clara out will do you both wonders, you should do what one of my good friends has done and join the national trust. So you can go and explore their beautiful spots, they do so many things for children of all ages! Xx

    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      Thanks Sophie! It doesn’t matter where we do it, but by doing it we are helping our wellness xx

  • foundationsandfairytales

    Love this post and that you’re trying to encourage others to get out there and be more active! For me I love jogging but I know that kind of exercise isn’t for everyone whereas anyone can get out there and go for a walk even if it’s just a Sunday afternoon stroll, anything is better than nothing! I love finding new places to go and walk and take pretty pictures while I’m doing it! I agree the weather isn’t always the best but as long as you have decent shoes and a waterproof coat there really is nothing stopping you! One of my favourite things is to look up National Trust places close to home as they often have some of the best walking routes!

    Jess //

    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      I love getting outside and having a walk and you are right just good footwear and a waterproof and you are all set! Love National trust places especially ones I can take the dog too! Thanks so much for your lovely comments x

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