Misya Meze & Grill Stevenage: restaurant review

I was meeting friends for dinner, whereby we decided to go to the lovely Misya Meze & Grill in Stevenage Old Town, Hertfordshire. I had never been before and am always happy to try something new! Here is my Misya Meze & Grill Stevenage: restaurant review


We were early as it was only 5.30 pm so they had lots of tables and could accommodate us, but I have heard they book up solidly later in the evening and at weekends, so if what you see and read here entices you to go, get a booking as I really think you will love it.

Misya Meze & Grill is a family run restaurant, whereby the family introduced the Turkish Anatolian culture to London 30 years ago. They decided to expand outside London and this is their first restaurant in Hertfordshire which opened in November 2016.


We were greeted welcomingly and ushered through, as there were three of us they kindly put two tables together and sat us in a nice alcove by the fire. Can I say the decor is utterly delightful, it’s so rustic and Mediterranean, the smell of the food is mouthwatering as its an open kitchen, you honestly feel like you are in the med somewhere on holiday.


we sat and looked at the menu, it all looked so good I didn’t know where to start! One of My friends has been a few times, they knew her well! So she ordered straight away a cranberry juice and a chicken Liver with red onions and herbs, due to us learning it is a large serving, my friend asked if the starter could be brought with the main so we could all try and they were more than happy to do this for us. My two friends then ordered the Mix Kebab and Sarma Beyti with Yoghurt. I ordered the Chicken Shish and both my friend and I ordered a nice glass of chardonnay.


We sat with our drinks catching up when they brought out delicious warm bread, olives and dips. Now the atmosphere is so relaxing, and the aroma of food being cooked in the open kitchen, and the smell of the warm bread and dips on our table was just intoxicating. It’s such a friendly relaxed atmosphere that you forget where you are.


Before we knew it the waiters were bringing over our food! Oh my the smell, It was heavenly, and all this delicious looking food was being placed before us. The colour, the smells it was a delight! As you can see from the pictures how delicious it all looked, sadly I have no smell-o-vision, and I know if I did you would be running to book here immediately! Let’s just say it was a taste sensation. I tried the chicken liver and was amazed at how good it tasted, as liver always makes me think of the Liver I had as a child and I did not like it, but this was amazing. I also tried some of the Sarma Beyti and can I just say I would order this instead of Chicken Shish in a heartbeat, it was so light and full of flavour, and the yoghurt was just so light and creamy! Is your mouth watering yet? Because writing this is killing me as mine is!



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We ended the meal with no desserts as we were so full, though I will say their dessert menu looks fabulous and would love to try when I return again. We instead decided to end with Turkish Tea and one expresso. I have never tried Turkish tea and was so glad I did, as it was the perfect end to the dinner, it was a light herbal flavour and so refreshing.


I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner at Misya & Metze Grill, the staff were so friendly and attentive, the restaurant itself was immaculate and made you feel like you were abroad. And the food was the cherry on the cake! I certainly will return, maybe I will see you there!  Here is a link to their website, if you fancy trying this too!

xoxo Louise




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