My April Beauty Products Review

As you seen on my Instagram I showed some of the products I bought and how I would be testing them out and blog the results back to you. Here is my April beauty Products review that I have been trying. Interesting as some things I thought I would love disappointed me and some surprised me.

*All products have been bought and paid for by me and fully tested by me over the past 5 weeks.


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Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly- this is lovely, it goes onto the skin as a jelly/gel but soon turns into a balm/oil and it does remove all of your make up and leaves your skins so soft and clean, I love the fragrance too.

Retexturizing Rose Clay mask – This is brilliant, my mother and I have both used this, it really cleans and supremely brightens the skin! Our skin was left looking clear and glowing bright – highly recommend this as a staple in anyone’s beauty regime.

Pore perfecting cooling primer with willowherb – sadly I only got to use this twice, I must return it as the spray no longer works and at £27 I am not happy about that at all, because to me it will be perfect for hot mornings and holidays, as I did find it cooling and does prime the skin for makeup nicely. And with my flushing skin at the moment that would be perfect!


2. Aesop 


So Aesop was the real surprise to me, I have absolutely fallen in love with this brand as the three products I have tried have been fabulous and supplied results, quickly.

The handwash really cleans, fragrances hands but does not dry out your skin or make it feel tight, I live in a hard water area so having a gentle and effective hand wash is a must. The fragrance is so refreshing. I love it.

The hand cream this is the major hero product, I had stress-induced eczema come up on my hands and in between all my fingers, it was so inflamed, the cream soothed the extremely inflamed skin in between my fingers and hands quickly and effectively, whilst moisturizing, but it does not leave a greasy film. If you suffer from eczema I would really give it a go, it really helped mine. and the lovely lemongrass fragrance is so soothing, that’s what I like about their products you get a real spa/holistic feel when you use them.

I had a sample of the parsley seed cleansing mask, this made my skin feel and appear clean and soft. My skin is playing up at the moment due to hormones, so I keep getting the odd spot and flushing/heat on my cheeks, and the mask did not irritate this at all.


3. It Cosmetics


This CC cream has blown me away, now I guess I may be a little late to the party on this brand, but if you have not tried it and you like a foundation that’s medium coverage or heavier based CC creams with SPF50 then this one is for you! I absolutely love it! And what I love is it doesn’t come off, this baby is on all day and also doesn’t settle into any lines! It feels light and gives a nice glow to the skin! skin feels moisturised, and it is buildable so you can make it heavier.

I also bought the Ombre Radiance blush which as last few weeks I have been poorly and peaky, so this has added a healthy glow and flush, helping me fake it till I make it! I would definitely buy this again.

I received a free sample and so have been using the Bye Bye Undereye concealer, and can I just say its fantastic. Dark shadows begone, but it’s not drying or cakey and really brightens under the eye. It also stays all day and does not crease into lines. Now I know IT cosmetics are not cheap but I have found these three products really delivered. I am a huge fan, and will be topping up.



Now I am on the fence with Herbivore and let me explain why. I bought the small size body oils and face oil, now it is an expensive brand as each of these products are £22 each for these sizes. First, let me talk about the body oils, I have the Citrine one and the Jasmine, now the citrus really disappointed me but not completely! Confused, well let me explain, the body oil does feel lovely, does dry into the skin nicely and not leave it greasy but I find it doesn’t stay that moisturized enough, I can get better results with a lotion. The major disappointment for me was the fragrance,  I thought I would be blown away with this zesty, summery wake-up smell coming from the Neroli and Orange blossom which I adore the smell of, I had in my mind paired it as such as a great addition after your morning shower! Sadly I could hardly smell a thing. Though the Jasmine Body oil is completely different and I like to use this at night, it leaves my skin glowing, full of moisture and the scent lingers subtly. I really love this product. Though I must say, to get the best of these oils use on wet skin.

Orchid Facial oil is utterly divine, now this I am 100 % loving. I wear this morning and night, now to help get the most out of it I always use on damp skin by either a splash of water or a nice facial mist. Well, the smell and the consistency from this is utter heaven, once massaged in your skin glows and feels so good and once again my skin does not feel sticky or greasy. I LOVE THIS!

There are a fair few of their products I want to try as this brand does really intrigue me as especially how they do not test on animals and it’s all organic, high quality, and food-grade ingredients. I just am on the fence of trying as it is expensive, and then it’s an expensive miss instead of a hit!

A lot of the products were on the more pricey side this month hence why not too many. I hope you enjoyed what I did test and these have helped guide you.

Please do let me know if you have tried any of these, if so what are your thoughts, or is there any you are now intrigued to try? I am always happy to answer questions

I am currently Testing and the results are impressive so far Olaplex No3 – keep an eye on my IG stories for that.

Comming next month Quai hair care products, Nuxe products and more..

Louise xoxo






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