My Top 13 Summer Fragrances

Summer is a time when we are happier, we rip off the winter woollies and have some skin on show, we have BBQs, weddings, holidays and parties! The clothes and our outlook changes and so should our fragrance, here is My Top 13 countdown of summer fragrances.

Now be prepared, my love of fragrance is just like my love of music and colour = Eclectic! I believe in dressing for how you are feeling that day, or where you are going or what you are wearing, so to me, a fragrance is very much an extension of expression and creativity. It’s very personal and can hold only a message/feeling you want for just you, and sublimely share with others. This is why I have a top 13 fragrances.

Let me get straight into my list, I am sure you will find one that suits you on here, and maybe even make you set out to try some of these if you haven’t before! Be brave with your perfume, shop around there is just so much out there. Find what sings to your soul, here is what sings to mine.



13. Orange Sanguine – Atelier. A Top favourite with people is always a bright scent that cools us down, lifts our spirits and gives you a boost. It is so fresh and citrusy, the sweet orange is just beautiful and you can smell it all day long. Be prepared for compliments galore whilst feeling like a walking goddess of summer!

12.Arizona – Proenza Schouler. Blooming with a white cactus blossom, orange flower and jasmine, with a new mineral solar accord, this perfume is so different and exciting! If you are going on an adventure or to a destination or day you never want to forget, this is the perfume for you! It is very pretty but not too girly, it has a sweetness and a freshness to it but dries down softly, and it’s a powdery fresh scent. I really love it and it would work for day or night!


11. Le Parfum in White – Ellie Saab. Orange Blossom, Amber and red fruits dominate, it’s sweet but not sickly, it lasts all day and if you wear this you certainly will make an entrance. It’s very feminine and warm. A great perfume for an event or even a bride.

10. Light Blue Italian Zest – D&G. Lemon, Jasmine, Amber & Musk. If you love the original be prepared to be blown away, as they have added a gorgeous zesty hit to this perfume, it’s a great fun summer perfume, it has all that you want, a citrus twist, light, and screams sunshine and a vintage beach escape! A perfect holiday fragrance!

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9. Jasmine Angelique – Atelier. Sicilian Lemon, Pepper & jasmine. I find this to be a stunning contemporary green floral, I would say its herbaceous but sultry at the same time, this is the perfect perfume to wear a beautiful long Boho dress at a BBQ or Garden Party, with a nice glass of Gin! It has a smokey incense in it that really balances out the crisp greens and Jasmine. If you like Chanel 19 or Diorella, then you must try this, its a more seductive version and not as heady as Diorella. This will continue to be one of my favourite summer scents, to be honest, I love Atelier’s perfumes, they are different and exciting and they just capture you! This has to be in My top 13 summer fragrances 

8.Rituals – Ocean Infini. Inspired by Balli. It has Marine notes, with a fruity blend and soft musk. It is a stunning soft, fresh and clean fragrance. If you love the beach or the sea, this is the one for you. I am partial to a Marine based fragrance as I love Beach Walk by Maison Martin Margiela, Replica. Sadly I have run out but this perfume by Rituals gives me the same “be by the sea” feeling. If you like fresh and clean smells for summer this one will definitely be a hit for you!


7.Meteorites – Guerlain. Guerlain to me has always been a fragrance house that I adore from Shalimar ( I still have a small amount left), and the new Shalimar is on my wishlist for my Autumn/Winter 2018 fragrances. I also adore and have a bottle of Jardin De Bagatelle which is a stunning classic fragrance! And Samsara will always remind me of my mum in the 80s and dinner parties. Meteorites perfume smells exactly like the face powder pearls Guerlain sell. This is utterly delicious, a really girlie girl perfume and cute but sexy! It has violet, bergamot and musk! if you love Gourmand Fragrances this is definitely one you should try! It is limited edition released this year.

6.Miller Harris – L’eau Magnetique. This is a unisex perfume and once again taps into a by the sea feeling, A warm summers day enveloped in its lovely warm sea breeze! It has pink Pepper, Bergamot, Lemon and Tonka and Bourbon Vanilla. I love how light and refreshing it is, and how it dries down to this sexy spicy vanilla base, yet for me, an Oceanic zest still shines through!

5.Candy Kiss – Prada. I truly adore this perfume with Its orange blossom and Vanilla! Please do not be put off by the name, anyone can wear this if you love Orange blossom, its so pretty, soft, creamy and musky. It is a very girlie fragrance with a very clean and fresh touch. Its perfect for summer. it’s like being wrapped up in a duvet of sweet lovely clean goodness, floating through a summers day!

4.Hibiscus Palm – Aerin Lauder. A perfect summer fragrance with Lotus, Hibiscus, Frangipani, coconut milk and vanilla. If you like Bronze Goddess you will love this, I feel this is a slightly more grown-up version, and the white flowers come through stronger. To me, it’s a tropical, exotic and classy fragrance perfect if you don’t like the suntan lotion fragrances.

3.Prodigieux le Parfum – Nuxe – Oh this is heavenly! Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Coconut milk and Gardenia. The first time I sprayed this it immediately took me to holidays past. To me, it also is an intimate fragrance, it’s like soft silky skin, a perfume perfect for a date night where you wouldn’t mind snuggling up to someone as it’s not overbearing or too strong. It creates a very creamy and indulgent smell that is neither too sweet or too flowery, it has the balance just right.


2. Colonia VIII – Ancient Ambiance. A new addition to my top 13 as I was lucky to have this gifted to me, and I have fallen in love, With its Sweet Fig, Green herbaceous notes and sandalwood. It goes on and first, you are hit with the sweet fig, but then these light greens start hitting you which smooth the sweet fig, it then dries down with the sandalwood to this warm, powdery and sexy scent. It truly is stunning, and so different from anything I have ever tried before, this is why its second in line to Diptique as to Me Ancient Ambiance is tapping into untried fragrances, it’s not copying others it’s being distinct and different, one of a kind! It smells and feels expensive, well thought out and tapping into the exotic of a time long gone, but not being old-fashioned, anything but! This to me is what I think Cleopatra would smell like after she had bathed in Asses milk! And if its good enough for a goddess its good enough for me!

1.34 Boulevard Saint Germain – Diptique. This was launched in 2011 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the house. It’s named after the street of the first Diptique boutique. Can I say I have been in love with this perfume all these years and it is my favourite Spring/summer perfume? The above have come close but no one has managed to top this for me yet! I utterly adore this perfume, it makes me feel so happy and good about myself, it makes me smile from ear to ear! I absolutely love it! It has green leaves, tuberose, woods, pink pepper, Iris & Violet! When I have worn this to work lots of people comment on it, I have had strangers come up to me in the street and my workplace to ask what I am wearing! I truly have never smelt a perfume like this one before. It is complicated, yet refreshing and a real head turner! It won’t be for everyone, but if you like lively, fresh and different, you should definitely give it a whirl! There are two new launches at Diptique which I am also in love with! I can also recommend Eau Duelle if you love Mojitos and Vanilla this is a great summer fragrance for you! To me, Diptique is an exquisite house of Fragrance, and their unisex fragrances are just outstanding! I will be a lifelong fan!

I really hope you have liked my top 13 Summer Fragrances and I hope you go out and try some of these fragrances, or this has given you the courage to go and explore the wonderful world of fragrance and find ones that make your soul sore! Create your own fragrance wardrobe and release the power of scent!

Let me know which one on the list you are intrigued to go and try, and what is your number one can’t live without fragrance?


xoxo Louise




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