Autumn/Winter 2018 fashion trends

I am going to take you through the High streets take on the Autumn/Winter 2018 Fashion trends as seen on the catwalk but first what I am loving about this year’s autumn/winter fashion is that we are tapping into a few different decades of past for an influence and then adding the 2010’s twist due to the circumstances and lifestyle we now face in this decade. These decades are the seventies, 80’s and 90s. Both absolute game-changers in fashion, I feel these were decades where women came into their own, women could express themselves in so many different ways, the 70s was stylish but also very volatile, women fought and marched for equality, and I feel the women’s movement “me too” has really had a considerable impact on the path many designers have decided to go down. The 80s brought exaggerated proportions ie over sizes sweatshirts and jumpers, structured shoulders and accentuated waists. Oversized Jewellery, leather and tweed, and lots of colour including the resurgence and love of Yellow. The 90s was very grunge, eco-friendly, minimalist and casual chic, which is definitely coming into play here too. The other thing to note about these decades as they set a precedent on the female figure from Twiggy, to supermodels and then the waif look. I think now with social media, the way we are all moving forward and highlights how fashion needs to be inclusive, stylish and non-gender and a better range of sizes are where the public, influencers and celebrities are pushing fashion to head!

Animal Print – Leopard, Zebra, polka dot  – keep the look paired down so as not to look like Bet Lynch or Kat Slater, we don’t want the old barmaid look. Animal print in red, Pink and berry is a hot trend and a nice twist on the original. And a classic leopard print shoe or shirt paired with a camel coat is always super classy. I love though this year we can have fun with this trend, with it being available in berry, Pink and red. I have bought the two items shown below, it’s too warm for the jumper at present but I did wear the shirt out recently with my jeans and kitten blue heels and I did get a few ladies asking where I got my shirt from.  Styling this with denim for me is a nice relaxed look.

 Sweatshirt by Next I have bought this and love it! £22

Next I also have this too, I wore it out the other week and received some lovely compliments £25

This image is by the amazing ladies at  who are the Marks and spencers stylist team, do follow them on

Modesty Dressing/Layering– Now this is an interesting one! It can be a two-pronged look, about layering up and tailoring; now some of the layering is quite extreme and could be hard and heavy to wear. My advice is work along the lines of maybe a nice oversize jumper or oversize jumper dress and then pair with a parka or oversized coat. Another look is with a lovely dress, I think Lady Diana 1980s with a twist, so pair down with a tweed jacket or a t-shirt, it’s about softening the curves of the feminine form.

 New look £19.99

 New Look £24.99

hmgoepprod.jpg H&M £49.99 two trends here, modesty dresses and slouchy boots!


Gloss – High-shine fabrics such as leather, latex, plastic. If you have seen the Matrix use this as your base but instead of an all leather suit and hard dominatrix lines, use it in the form of a pretty silhouette dress or glossy trench! I love this pink plastic trench it’s in the sale so move it on it quick!

River Island in the sale £20 get in there quick!

8482021-1-burgundy.jpg by ASOS, selling fast but spot on this trend! £90.00


Heritage Chic– Tweed and check are back so a tweed coat with a leather skirt, add a tweed skirt with a sporty roll neck, or add a prairie skirt with a masculine style tweet coat. I love tweed, and the right tweed jacket with the right Jeans and knee-high boots always a winner on a rainy cold day for me! I have fallen for a jacket by Marks and spencers it is just perfect for the Heritage look! Another trend to tap into is do you remember the film Clueless? well then tap into your inner Cher, Tai or Dionne, New Look has this covered well!


Another perfect example by the TryTuesday stylists at Marks & spencers and oh that jacket!


587943209.jpgVery Clueless inspired by New Look skirt £17.99

Fringing – has taken on many interpretations, but the one majorly favoured by the catwalk is the jellyfish style Fringe, soft and wispy is key! Sparkling fringe, like a scarf effect, also works. make it look like sparkling tentacles. there is still a heavier fringed look, but this is not as delicate, imagine wearing a dress made of unicorn hair and you have the idea! Confused, well yes but if you move towards an edgier fringing, soft and trailing you are onto a more designer look.

beautiful dress by ASOS £55


ASOS I love this £78.00

Cowboy – Prairie dresses and cowboy boots, neckerchiefs are back, prairie shirts but with modern tailored trousers and gloss knee-high boots, yep mix it in with the gloss look and you have your futuristic cowboy! I do love a good Prairie dress and cowboy boots, you can dress it up or down and is always a flattering and comfortable design to wear.


dress by Dorothy Perkins, in the sale £22 this is perfect for this trend!


Perfect colour and style for this Autumn by Other Stories £89.00

partner both dresses with these fab boots by Marks & Spencers SD_01_T02_2818_Z0_X_EC_0.jpg online only £79.00

Leather – its back with vengeance from Long leather coats, leather skirts midi skirts, leather trousers and an assortment of colour. Leather dresses will be huge!

SD_01_T42_8133T_T0_X_EC_0.jpg This is by Marks & Spencers,  £199 They are absolutely nailing the trends! No wonder my Sparks card points are so high!

10310182-1-black.jpg by Asos Faux Leather but I love this and bargain £38

9749133-1-black ASOS  Forever Unique in the sale £110


Pleats – skirts and dresses, this continues to a big trend this A/W but in the more autumn shades of green & Berry. I am not going to lie, I would love to wear a pleat skirt, but just me personally I feel they are for more boyish shape figures or tall ladies ie to me you are tall if you are above 5ft5 I am only 5ft2, or if you have long legs. Sadly I don’t!  Though I am thinking for more shorter curvier ladies, a lightly pleated dress may work! Here are a couple of ideas for you!

app005prod (1).jpg

This is from & Other Stories £79.00 and it also ticks the Animal print trend & modesty dressing!


ASOS This gorgeous skirt may also work for shorter ladies, especially if you have fabulous pins! £25 by Missguided


I am in love with this and the perfect colour for this Autumn by ASOS £28

Logo – emblazen them on your chest, waist or in your diamante hair clips. Brand names, locations, slogans or causes.

545-267s.jpg I have recently bought this from Next and I love it! supersoft £25


I do love a little Ralph Lauren  £49

That is the majority of the trends, and I hope my little selections have helped! Always remember if you are not brave to try then you can always try a show, bag or belt in the style. Sometimes a little nod to the trend is just fine! Though you will see from the huge selection Autumn/Winter 2018 fashion trends from the High Street are fabulous, and there are variations out there to suit you all.

The Colour Pallet has lovely hues this year and will work with all skin tones. And there is certainly such variety you will be able to find the right look for you.

Pastel Blue, Brown, Marigold Yellow, Poppy Red, Racing Green/Kelly Green, Silver which is also a trend,Russet Orange, Mellow Rose, Hot/Fushia Pink




Image by

I hope my selection and Ideas have helped, and now you can see what trends you are excited about and want to try.

Louise xoxo



    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      Thank you so much Louise, a lot of lovely colours, I could see you in a nice pair of leopard print Louboutins ? xx

  • Gemma Hull

    Lovely post… I have just bought a leopard print shirt from Primark, however the cut is really bad. I am not feeling the love for Primark anymore.. I love the Next one. I agree about the influences from the other decades. Fashion always revolves itself year in year out. The 80’s was when my love for fashion began- oops showing my age!!!

    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      Thanks so much Gemma, the Next one is such a nice cut, have washed it and it’s as good as new! That’s the problem with Primark the quality and cut isn’t always there! Lol not showing your age 😉 I like you got into all in the 80s x

    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      Thanks so much Diana, you would rock Leopard! Maybe try shoes and bag first see how you go, or be brave and get a top or skirt! Let me know what you buy xx

  • Laura Jukonyte

    Your post has definitely helped!!!! Your description reminds me of reading a magazine. I can’t decide which trend I love the most, but I’m so glad that yellow is on trend! I am getting a bit obsessed with yellow 🙂 Anyway, I have followed your blog – very much deserved. Will definitely read more x

    • louloulouiseylifestyle

      It’s not easy for us shorties or all those lovely tall ladies as the market works a lot to those in the middle! Be brave Sandra, try something new, you will surprise yourself and love it! Xx

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