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Hi Lovelies, So as we are just about to hit October, the weather has certainly turned autumnal and all the Christmas decor is starting to flood the shops, I thought I would share my Next at Home Christmas preview I went to in July.

Those of you who have followed me for this past year, Know how much I love me some Christmas! Even though my family is somewhat smaller than it used to be, with some very missed family members, my passion was reignited to make it as happy, cozy and relaxing as possible, as its all about being together, stepping away from work and just being in my home remembering Christmas past and there were some crackers, but creating new memories and embracing the future.

With this in mind, this is why I go all out with decor to create a Christmas escape, that is comfortable, festive and fun! Thus winning a competition by the wonderful interior stylist Laurie )and Maxine from    I attended the Next at Home Christmas preview , and their interior design masterclass. This really was magical and somewhat strange being completely encompassed in all things Christmas on a hot July day! It was fabulous though and also involved Making your own Christmas wreath workshop, and talk by the fantastic Maxine & Laurie about the 2018 Christmas trends. The Next PR team were magnificent and so welcoming and had outdone themselves with this beautiful house which they had festooned with fabulous festive decor and aromas! 

I stepped through the door and just knew it was going to be magical! I can hear the Christmas music, the smell of Festive Spice, this gorgeous Tartan chair, and a delicious Elderflower Cordial, I just knew my journey around this beautiful property was going to be thrilling.

Festive spice, Smells just like Christmas!

We went through into the hall which led up this magnificent spiraling staircase, where they had a grand scale advent calendar, signs, and ribbons, clothing held in frames on the wall, it was a stairway of sparkle and joy! 

how stunning is this sparkly pantsuit!

Once we reached the top we could go left or right, turning left we ended up in this gorgeous Boudoir, in pinks and a plethora of sparkles and fur, with a wardrobe with stunning Christmas cushions, tartan blankets, I have seriously fallen in love and will be purchasing the cushion that you see in my photos of the car with the pressies, Tree, and Robin! And I really love the tartan duvet too! There was an old-fashioned bathtub filled with beauty products so we treated ourselves to a lovely lip balm.

Dont you want to dive in, snuggle and watch the Holiday!

love the blush and sparkle!

I so need to get this cushion, I fell in love! 

We then walked under the most beautiful ceiling created from Sparkling lights and faux foliage, it was so beautifully styled, and you felt like you were strolling through a magical Christmas garden, it was delightful.  Then there was this stylish and striking feathered ceiling light. All the while these beautiful Christmas aromas were whisping around you. Which takes me to a new fragrance they have launched and is now available – I bought it this weekend and my whole living room which is 26ft smells beautiful! It is Orange & Star Anise, its a warm and rich, orange fragrance, its a twist on the traditional and it’s the epitome of class. I dare you and visitors to your home not to fall in love with it! 

The next bedroom was set up like a grand walk-in closet, with jumpers and children’s clothes, a fragrance tree, lots of Next fragrances and the most adorable feathered lamps. We spoke to the head of scent and it was a fantastic conversation as you all know how much I love and am passionate about fragrance, talking to this incredibly talented lady I was in awe and so excited to discuss perfumes, layering, favorite fragrances and the smell of Christmas. I could nerd out and it was fabulous! 


I currently have the diffuser of this, seriously it is utterly divine! 


We then walked back through out onto the hall, and into a beautiful elegant sitting room, it’s center piece was this stunning Green velvet sofa, with gorgeous fur throws and striking cushions, bookended by a beautiful traditional faux Christmas tree, shelving with glamourous bar wear & dinnerware.

I so want to get these glasses and placemat as they will go perfectly with my current tablescape!


Would love this to house my Honey Rum on my bar! 
And these sparkly coasters would look fabulous on my Marble table! 


I love how you can have your family name printed onto these glamourous cushions! 


We then sat down and had Maxine & Laurie take us through the Christmas trends, I did manage to film some of this and I will share this with you on Insta Stories soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Maxine and Laurie guided us around three gorgeously styled Christmas themed table, they answered questions and gave tips and tricks for hosting Christmas, and how to make your family/guests feel welcome and comfortable. 

Processed with VSCO with kp3 preset

How amazing is this ceiling!

The lovely Laurie, how beautiful is this tartan theme! 

We then set to make a Christmas wreath, Next had kindly supplied faux flowers, we had fresh Eucalyptus and we had Copper bases to work from, Now I cannot draw for toffee, or make fiddly things, I am creative, but I get very frustrated as sometimes I cannot always put into action which I envisage, so I was very nervous about doing this amongst all these talented bloggers and florists. Thankfully though Maxine could see and appreciate how mine was taking shape, mine became a very ethereal and folky take on the traditional Christmas wreath, and I am really proud of it, it shall be used this Christmas on the dining table. 

Mum proudly with her wreath! 

I was able to bring my mum along to the event, which was so lovely having her there, as we love shopping together and anything interior, fragrance or fashion related, and it was lovely for her to get involved and chat to some really lovely ladies.

Ta dah, this one is mine! 


We came away from the House Of next Christmas preview really eager and excited for Christmas, and making plans and mainly chatting about all the lovely things we wanted to buy from Next, ( I did hear my account card shiver with panic) It was a fantastic event, we met so many lovely ladies, Maxine & Laurie were fantastic and I would love to attend one of their workshops again, you can follow their secret Styling club on Instagram  there is also information on Laurie & Maxines website for when new workshops where and when will be happening. I just wanted to say Thank you Next, Laurie & Maxine, was a wonderful day and hope I get the opportunity to attend many more of your events! 

What have you seen from Next Home that you would love to buy in for Christmas? Do you have any plans for what you want to make or create for Christmas? Do let me know! 


xo Louise xo 







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