The Coats you should be wearing this Autumn/Winter

There are only 4 trends I feel you should be taping into for coats you should be wearing this Autumn/winter. All shapes and heights can wear these coats it’s how you style it, the type of pattern or just your fabulous attitude, so without further ado here are my faves.

Teddy Bear Coat

This is a gorgeous coat, perfect if you want soft snuggly feels, and also to help fight that cold! Perfect for Commuting or long days out! For Commuters, its perfect for keeping you warm and helps soften the sharpness of a pencil skirt or suit. You could synch it in with a belt to give you a waist which is great for us curvy and hourglass girls. IT goes with tailoring or with Jeans. You can dress it up or down, style it with a cool square chain bag, maybe even a bright leather bag and bright scarf.


BOOHOO, in the sale right now for £45.50


M&S only a few left in a 16 & 18 £89 it’s gorgeous! 

hmgoepprod (1)

H&M – sizes XS – M left £79.99


By off 5th – Oversized Teddy Coat – in the sale £133.62/ $160.99 sizes XS – XL available

The Belted Coat

Now I am a huge fan of this style, I have been buying it for years, I have a mulberry coloured one and a red one! I feel it works so well for us curvy ladies with a large bust, but a smaller waist. You can exaggerate that V by having it unbuttoned at the top, then use a lovely scarf. Go a size bigger as its perfect for wearing over a chunky knit, I also feel it’s a coat that works well from day to night. You can then have your jewelry and satin shirt shining through, just giving it a really soft but layered look. IT looks elegant whether you are tall or short, slim or curvy, as for those who have a boyish figure you can give it that androgynous look, or create curves with the tie belt. Those who are curvy show them off! the perfect coat you should be wearing this Autumn/winter.


Max Mara a true classic and staple for years to come £1560.00/$1890.00


Love this and its added Faux Fur from Zara £119.00/$153.49


This is the coat I own and I love it, Next £68.00/$87.14


Gorgeous soft camel from New Look £34.99/$44.84

Sheepskin & Leather

The reason I love this as you get the comfort and warmth from sheepskin or sheepskin effect, but then pair it with Leather or Faux leather and you get this smooth, cool vibe. It can funk up the plainest of outfits and soften the hardest edges. I bought one last year in a lovely soft grey, leather, and sheepskin and I just love it, it is super warm and goes with everything, it works fantastically with jeans, but also can soften a skirt or dress.  I love I can also layer up underneath or due to it being so warm wear just wear a t-shirt and still be snuggled. My advice is to buy a size up so you could put a chunky knit on underneath, style it up with a huge chunky scarf. Zara do the best ones or if you can get to Copenhagen! Stock up on the most amazing and warm scarves! I bought the most fabulous grey one with soft blues and lavender through it, in a very modern pattern!

download (1)

I love this coat as it reminds me of the coat Cameron Diaz wore in the holiday! £3589.73/$4600.


I bought this for my mum for her birthday, it’s gorgeous,faux fur comes in black & black/green £65/$83.29


Marks & Spencers Faux leather and Faux Fur Jacket comes in black too and I think its gorgeous  £49.50/$63.40


I love love this coat, this is a keeper for many many years! £2100./$2700 

Check Wool Coat

This is a look I find I have to be careful with as being curvy and short too busy and small check print, especially in the heritage style I can look like some portly hunter off for a bit of clay pigeon shooting! Lol, Yes, not quite the look one will be going for. Do remember I am 5ft2 and Plus size so hence the analogy! If you are tall and petite you can carry the small Heritage check, just get your cut right on the style. It can look so cool set against Cord flares or a floral dress to add a slightly more masculine feel. For me, though I prefer A bold check in a dark colour with a burgundy or soft lilac check through it. It’s a style though, in any check, you have to get the coat style right, the colouring right and the style of check right too, so don’t be afraid of it, try on lots to find the one that makes you feel fabulous. If you feel good, you will look good!


this coat is perfect for the check trend! £358/$550 All Saints


I think this is fabulous, Topshop please do a plus size range! £159./$300


Marks & Spencers are just killing it and this goes up to a size UK22 Limited edition and  Fabulous £99/$157.00

hmgoepprod (2)

H&M checked coat, great value for Money £69.99 /$99

Hope this has helped and remember just shop around and have fun trying on, so what if one doesn’t work there will be plenty out there that does, be brave, maybe try a style or colour you never thought you would, you may just end up surprising yourself. If you want a coat to wear for years to come then buy the cut in a classic colour, Camel, Navy, Black, and grey.

Happy Shopping my lovelies, and do let me know what you’re loving, or did you read this and go try something you never dared to before!

X0X0 Louise



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