A unique & Treasured Christmas Gift Idea!

I am so excited to share this with you, as my day job I work in science but also you know I am a creative bursting to get out so this commission to me is just epic and thrilling!  Science and Art make the perfect Christmas gifts for your kids. You can also use some of these items as wonderful stocking fillers, and it is a marvelous commission that the Science Museum has with the legendary Illustrationist Quentin Blake. This collection will give you the chance to gift your child or adult a unique and treasured present that will last a lifetime! 

I was honored that the Science Museum PR team approached me to review and share with you these perfect Christmas gifts. Let me first give you a bit of a background on the Science museum and how this commission came to be, and why it is so fantastic! 

Image courtesy of © Jody Kingzett, courtesy of the Science Museum Group


1.About the Science Museum

As the home of human ingenuity, the Science Museum’s world-class collection forms an enduring record of scientific, technological and medical achievements from across the globe. Welcoming over 3 million visitors a year, the Museum aims to make sense of the science that shapes our lives, inspiring visitors with iconic objects, award-winning exhibitions and incredible stories of scientific achievement.  For more information about the Science Museum visit


2. What has been Commissioned?

The acclaimed and much-loved illustrator Quentin Blake has been commissioned by the Science Museum, London to create brand new artwork for the walls outside its family-friendly Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery, for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

Image Courtesy of © Jody Kingzett, courtesy of the Science Museum Group

Renowned for his humorous drawings and in particular his phenomenal contributions to the great works of children’s literature including books by Roald Dahl and David Walliams, the museum is thrilled that he has consented to create a series of five large panels to hang on the white walls outside Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery. Each one features his brand new illustrations of objects and scientists from the Science Museum Group’s extensive and historical collection – bringing them to life in a creative and engaging way for family audiences.


3. Who is Featured?

A total of 20 women and men from the world of science and technology feature in this new work of art  – four on each panel – alongside illustrations of the objects for which they are best known.  The “enchantress of numbers” Ada Lovelace adorns one panel alongside the analytical engine on which she wrote a detailed and penetrating explanation of its significance. Next to her is polymath Jagadis Chandra Bose (1858-1937), the first scientist to use a semiconductor junction to detect radio waves. Sir Richard Arkwright (1732-1792) features on another panel and is illustrated together with his groundbreaking spinning machine next to pilot Amy Johnson (1903- 1942) who flew the first solo flight from Britain to Australia in the aircraft. She is illustrated alongside this very plane, the De Havilland Gipsy Moth.

Image Courtsey of© Jody Kingzett, courtesy of the Science Museum Group

4.Who is Quentin Blake?

Award-winning illustrator Quentin Blake was born in London in 1932 and has drawn ever since he can remember!  His first illustrations were published in Punch when he was just 16 years of age and still at school. He first entered the world of children’s books – for which he is best known in 1960, with A Drink of Water by John Yeoman. It is for his collaborations with writer Roald Dahl that he is perhaps most famous – and on whose beloved character Matilda, the artist has just this month released a series of drawings to re-imagine her as an adult, 30 years after the book was first published. 


Since the 1990s, Quentin Blake has had an additional career as an exhibition curator, curating and illustrating shows in many esteemed spaces including The National Gallery, The British Library and the Musee du Petit Palais in Paris.

Image Courtsey of © Jody Kingzett, courtesy of the Science Museum Group

5. Why Did Quentin Agree to the Commision?

This brand new artwork was commissioned by the Science Museum on the request of its Chair of Trustees, Dame Mary Archer. The pair previously worked together on his artwork for the Rosie Birth Centre at Cambridge University Hospitals, where Dame Mary was Chairman of the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Image Courtesy of © Jody Kingzett, courtesy of the Science Museum Group

Quentin Comments: “I had a very enjoyable time working on the series of pictures that Dame Mary Archer asked me to produce for The Rosie Birth Centre so that the prospect of another set of images for a public space – although of a different kind – was irresistible.”

6.What is available, and what I love!

I was thoroughly impressed with the range and quality of all they have on offer, The illustrations are exquisite and this is definitely a collection to be treasured, and I feel that this artwork would be a perfect gift for adults too who love Quentin Blake, Illustration or who love science! I love the framed pictures, the kids Coloring book is an excellent idea. I just love how the story of science is being made available in this way. 

The full product range will be available online and in the museum shops The range will feature products from as little as 80p ( postcards) to stocking fillers such as pencil tins ( £5);  colouring books ( £5);  pencil with rubber (£1.50); fringed leather bookmarks (£2.50) to slightly  larger kids items such as aprons (£15); t shirts (£10);  canvas tote bags (£5) on to more adult-friendly  limited edition prints ( prices vary); enamel mugs (£8) and magnets. stocking filler items will not be available to buy online, such as magnets, pencils and bookmarks. These will be for the shop only.

Please follow this URL to shop online :


Hope you love science & Art as much as I do and this gives you great ideas for Christmas

x0xo Louise 


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