The perfect Food & Drink Stocking Filler Ideas!

Most of what I will share with you I think are the perfect Food and drink stocking filler ideas! I also have earmarked some for the girlie Christmas nights that I have. All have been and bought and paid for myself, or what I have tried but will be purchasing closer to Christmas! I have to say I love all the choices and hope you will too, nothing is too expensive so its all budget friendly. As let’s be honest we all have a friend, Auntie, Uncle or grandparent that would just love some of these! In this selection, you could pick one or a couple as a nice hostess gift too.

These are also great gifts for secret santa obviously depending on your budget, Teachers Christmas pressies or hell, even a treat yourself, why not, especially the Alcohol selection! 

First things first let’s start with my Chocolates! This year I have picked from Fortnums & Hotel chocolate as they are so different, decadent and luxe but extremely budget friendly! 

Look at the lovely Fortnums selection! 

The Fortnums chocolate bars are great for secret santa, a stocking filler or as a little Christmas gift! Their range is incredible and Fortnums ship worldwide so you can buy a little slice of English history for Christmas at a reasonable price! Just look at those flavors, and trust me they have a whole heap more, in fact they call it a Library of flavours! I have tried their rose & violet chocolate before and it is incredible! I can also recommend their ruby chocolate and their Mints are second to none! These are £6.50

The Christmas Hotel Chocolate launch

Next up is these two new launches from Hotel Chocolate which look divine, these are being kept for my girlie Christmas evening! And we will be heartily digging in with a glass of bubbles! So they have WInter cocktails which include Mulled wine, Winter Sidecar, White Christmas & The Nutcracker! ooh I say! £10 and do contain Alcohol, the little box is only in-store and I think it only cost £2 – £3. I have something amazing non-chocolatey coming from here in another blog! It blew my mind! 

Hotel Chocolate Selection 

The Hotel Chocolate Selections you can normally get on a 3 for £10 or 6 for £20. Some contain alcohol but not all, there is a huge choice! here are some I picked up which won’t be pressies, these are to be enjoyed when we watch our films every day at 3 over Christmas! Its a family tradition. We shut the door, get the fire going, blankets on, a glass of wine and some nice choccies and popcorn! Perfect! these are great though as stocking fillers or additional pressies. And hotel Chocolate also ship internationally! These guys have won tons of awards as I can see why they are fabulous!  

Onto Preserves, and really there is only one spot for me for these, it has to be Fortnums! I mean preserves and Sparkle! yes your toast or crumpet/bagel will sparkle! So I have added them individually so you can see and take in each one! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! 

Tried this one and it delish, very soft but not overly sweet. £9.95
I have yet to try this one, but oh If the other two are anything to go by this is going to be utterly delicious! £6.25
I tried this last Christmas and it comes with sparkles! it’s utterly delectable and so perfect for Christmas day morning. sadly this is only instore! 

Onto Alcohol and I have picked some greats here from M&S and Aldi! 

(image by M&S)

Now, these bad boys have got me all excited, I tried White Christmas last year, its fab so will be buying it again I also will be getting hold of Jaffa Cake Cocktail and Mince Pie Martinis! YUM! these will be on full flow at my Girlie Christmas evening but only £10 each so perfect for secret Santa or as a hostess gifts, or do you have a family christmas party to go to? (image by M&S)

(Image by Aldi)

Now this wonder is from Aldi’s it’s utterly wonderful in prosecco, and a fabulous price of £ 9.99, got a party to host then you just created a cracking Christmas cocktail! Call it “The Gingerbread House” a perfect welcome cocktail! The price also makes it great as a gift too, get one of your prosecco loving friends or family to give it a whirl! (image by Aldi)


(Image by M&S)

Now, this has got me all excited, I am so looking forward to trying this, I tried their rose and lavender gins this summer and thoroughly enjoyed, and the description they have for this sounds marvelous they say that is made from a combination of festive spices including ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. Now it’s not cheap it is £25 for 500ml so this is a great gift for a gin Connoisseur! 


(Image by Beer Today)

One for the boys or girls who love their beer, this is the twelve beers of Christmas and so is a cracking gift, now you could buy the box and give everyone one beer in their stocking if you have a large family and they are over 18 of course! it contains Salted Caramel Porter, Cornish Saison, Five Hop Lager, Double Hopped Citra IPA, Laid Back Pale Ale, Laid Back Lager, Laid Back IPA, American Pale Ale, Blood Orange Wheat beer, Grapefruit IPA, Wimbledon Ale and Amarillo Golden Ale with each pack costing £20 and each beer being 330ml in size.

(image by inside source) How about adding some fun to your Christmas table, adults only for some Gin Crackers? These are from Aldi and are £19.99 for x6 they look such fun! 


(Image by M&S)

Last but not least, this little treasure, if you love Irish cream then these could be a cracking addition, Mince Pie cream liqueur. pour this over ice, kick back and relax £ 12.00 


So thats your lot for now! I really hope you like my little selection, is there anything here you could be tempted by?


xoxo Louise 



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