Perfumes to take you throughout Spring.

Hi Lovelies, I thought I would do a post on perfumes that will take you throughout spring, and even on to summer. This collection could also give you an idea on a Mothers Day Gift. As you all know I am a fragrance fanatic and I wanted to share with you my new discoveries that I think take us through those still cold wet days into the full bloom of spring with all its color and freshness! Something here to suit every mood and taste!

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JO Loves Fragrances by the Wonderfully talented Jo Malone CBE, I have picked three of her fragrances as I love them and to me they are perfect for spring and pretty perfect for summer too! Jo Malone who you all know well from her company “Jo Malone” that she sold off to the Estee Lauder group in 1999 but thankfully she came back with her new brand JO Loves. Jo is about to release a book which I will be purchasing and I highly recommend you give it a read as this woman is an amazing perfumer but is so creative and I think changed the world of fragrance as we know it!

I have picked fragrances No42 Flower shop, Green Orange & coriander & J by Jo Loves – you will notice the first two are Paint brushes! Yes, it’s a new and fantastic creation! I think it’s perfect to put in your handbag, and my tip if it’s a hot summer day, store it overnight in the fridge! Blissful scent blissful feeling! So easy to use and not messy or gloopy at all! What an invention!

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Now let’s get down to these fabulous scents…

  1. No42 The Flower shop – Crushed Green Leaves, Peonies, Freesia, Moss. This is flowery but not sickly or old fashioned or over powering as the green leaves and moss,give it such a modern twist and it is so fresh and summery! It truly makes me think of summer, meeting with friends and sitting outside sipping gin surrounded by flowers and warm summer days!
  2. Green Orange & Coriander – Bitter Green Orange, Black Pepper, Oakmoss. Now when you first put this on you will think “Aftershave” seriously wait just a few seconds as it starts drying down and it is so pretty, if you like Jo’s Lime Basil & Mandarin to me this is a sexier version! I really do love it! It’s still crisp and clean but with a slightly softer darker edge. I will definitely be wearing this in the evenings this summer! It really is one of my new favorites!
  3. 3. Jo by Jo Loves Grapefruit, Lime, Black Pepper and Cedarwood. So I have a sample of this and have to say I have fallen for it! It’s summer and happiness in a bottle! And definitely going to be a summer purchase!
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I have to say I am loving these three scents and there are so many more of Jo’s collection that I want to try. Seriously if you love Jo Malone but want to try something more evolved, I think more layered and just different and striking and evolution from what she originally created then you really need to try her Jo Loves collection! You really won’t be disappointed!

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Fresh Canabis Santal – Top Notes: bergamot, Brazilian orange, black plum,Middle Notes: patchouli, cannabis accord, rose, Bottom Notes: chocolate, vetiver, vanilla musk

As you know Fresh is a brand that started as an Apothecary store it evolved all over the US, and is famous for its lip sugar scrub! I remember trying it in the states and was just enthralled by it and was always whining “when is it coming to the UK” Thankfully the beauty gods heard me and it did! When I was in San Francisco I bought home roller bolls of their other fragrances as I love to try perfume that way if I can first to see how the scent will sit, it’s great that I can carry it in any bag and take on the plane to freshen up! I fell in love with Canabis santal 4 years ago and went big and went home!

Oh my this is sexy in a bottle! Men and women alike comment on this and just love it! If you want to wear something to make you feel sexy and confident and ok with the attention this is the one for you! It is so enthralling, the chocolate, vanilla musk, patchouli and Canabis accord make it dark but then the rose, bergamot and orange lift it, so it makes you ponder is it naughty or nice? It’s a real Juxtaposition fragrance if you ask me! And I bloody love it!

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Atelier Cologne – Pacific Lime – Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lime, Coconut, Spearmint & Amber

I love Atelier Cologne, I have shared their perfumes before on my Fragrance blogs such as Orange Sanguine , Jasmine Angelique  & Clementine California and have also shared on my Instagram. I love fragrance and this brand to me always pushes the envelope, the quality of the ingredients, the amazing vibrant combinations! They are pure elegance in a bottle!

All I can say is this a holiday & a tropical party all in one! You will never ever forget this fragrance or wherever you are when you wear it! If you have a big event this spring/Summer then this is the one for you! If you are shy and need to be more outgoing this is the lady to put on like a vivacious party dress! It’s got a real zing about it! Its stays fresh and tropical but with this soft sexy edge coming through with the amber! This is why I love Perfume you can change your personality in the second of a spritz!

A little side note, Atelier & Fresh all these fragrances are unisex, so if you like to share!

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Rituals – Poème d’Azar – Top notes of luxurious orris fuse with the heart of delicate pomegranate and earthy tonka

Rituals perfumes are stunning and I just love this fragrance, it’s soft and sexy and has real lasting power, I layer it up with the shower gel and body lotion.

This fragrance is a really fruity gourmand but I find it quickly verges into a very powdery musky and pretty fragrance.It’s not sickly or heavily musky. Think of how Chanel no5 and Prada Iris dry down, it has that luxe soft musky feel to it. If you like soft and sexy this is the one for you!

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By Terry – DÉLECTATION SPLENDIDEEAU DE PARFUM– woody notes warmed by tonka bean, vanilla and patchouli.

OMG, I utterly adore this perfume it’s utterly decadent and sexy. This perfume is perfect for a party, a hot date or just to get you through wet and cold spring days, but also adds a kick on warm evenings! I get lots of comments when I wear it. It is warmth and deliciousness all in one! Now, this is very expensive but it is extremely luxurious and is a real head turner.

I hope these exciting and innovative perfumes will get have you trying a little spritz, trying something new! Which perfume here do you want to try or buy for Mothers day?



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