About Me

Hi I am Louise

I have a passion for colour, Travel and Fragrance, which is totally different to my working life in project management which is all about organisation, planning, pressure and achieving deadlines! 

This is all about my passions and I thought why not document and share my everyday life, firstly I started just writing and taking photos on a very basic blog, I just wanted to see if I could do it and would anyone read it other than my mother, well after only five months 3000 people did! This then made me want to take things more seriously, and use tools that could let me be more creative and really take control of how I wanted my blog to look and work, I wanted to learn about photography and the kind of photos I wanted to take which led to buying a good quality camera. This is when Louloulouisey Lifestyle grew up, and matured into the lady you see today!

I have a beautiful Labrador Finleyfoo and he features on the blog and a lot on my social media! He has a lot of fans! I do have an eclectic taste in music, fashion to interiors; I just love trying new things, but adore classics too.

Food, whether it be me cooking for friends and family or eating out at restaurants, is a great love of mine, there is nothing better than being sat around a table, taking in all the ambience, the taste of good food and having a great conversation.

I love to do posts on my favourite shops too as I am such a shopaholic, but I just enjoy the whole experience, and love to make people aware of what is out there, what’s new and who is making me excited with their new designs, brands and collections. A lot of people sometimes overlook certain shops or forget about them when they cover many departments. I like to refresh people’s memory and stir some intrigue! Making us want to get out there and have a good look instead of shopping online all the time!

Then there is beauty & Fragrance, I started young in this department from watching and trying my mums make up & perfume she was an air hostess so was very glamorous and my dad’s love of good quality aftershave his favourite was Eau Savage, and how we all loved baths & body lotions, and a family that has always been a stickler for the use of sun care and skin protection. Oh how I can remember my first trip to the Body shop just up from Harrods, as a young girl it was paradise! Lost in the maze of all these gorgeous smells and visuals of lotions and potions. When people say “what would you take to a desert island” two must-have items for me are Perfume and Lipgloss! Yes I know I would be eaten alive but this is hypothetical! So really there was no way Beauty & Fragrance would be left out of my blog with my huge appetite for it.

Interiors is something I have always been interested in since I was a little girl and got to say how I wanted my bedroom, I was 8 and I remember choosing this beautiful cloud wall paper in soft lilac and blue, and then the bed and wardrobe and dressing table were all white. It was a very serene and pretty room, (I can hear my mum shouting “yes when it was tidy)

Travel is very important to me and It started when I was two and taken on my first trip abroad to Benidorm, we then took holidays to Portugal & Malta, and in my late teens and early 20s I discovered Ibiza, Tunisia, Sicily and Corfu. This then leads me to cruising around the Caribbean and through business travel discovering Vienna, America and one of my favourite cities San Francisco. There are still so many places I wish to visit and share with you, and I am even starting to love discovering places in the UK especially where I can take Finley foo with me.

So this is just a little bit about me, my love’s and my yet to be discovered! I hope you will join the journey with me, and I hope I give you some insight into discovering and trying new things!


I love supporting other bloggers, Women in business and small shops as well as the bigger well-known Brands, I am happy to collaborate with brands, Designers, Small Business and bloggers. I am always here if you require advice or Anything that involves being creative I am your woman! please contact me at 





xoxo Louise

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