• Interiors

    Easter Decor on a budget!

    Today, I’m excited to be sharing a bit of inspiration for Easter entertaining. I wanted to show how you do easter decor on a budget. How for Easter there are some pieces you can buy and use year after year, some items I have pulled from other areas of my home what do I call this again, ah yes….” Homecycled” but there is a lot that was just a £1.00 so not an issue if they get damaged or you want to throw out and start again next year. I’d like to invite you into Conservatory. We use this room for dining and entertaining, as it’s such a bright room…

  • Lifestyle

    Designer Dilly Grey

    It was Vickie who invited me to the press day she was sharing last week in London with the other designers, and stylist and I am so glad she did, Vickie is a very warm, compassionate and humble designer. I think she is a breath of fresh air and it’s so lovely that I do not now have to travel abroad to purchase such vibrant, detailed and well made lifestyle accessories for my home. Vickie El-Rayyes launched Dilli Grey in 2015 after 20 + years in fashion, including senior buying roles at retailers Monsoon, Warehouse and East. Scouting vintage markets in the Far East with her mother in the 80’s…