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    Can walking really benefit our health & wellbeing?

    I have to say I love being outside, I love walking Finleyfoo, it just makes me happy and I de-stress, I feel more focused on it too! The question is, Can walking really benefit our health &  wellbeing? Well yes apparently it does, on many levels, let me share with you what they are. 1.It Makes You Happy Apparently, research has shown that just like the “high” runners get, walking can provide the same “happy” chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. This elevates our mood during and after exercise! Now it makes sense to me why Finleyfoo and I walk about those woods smiling all the time! I am guessing he is on a…

  • Finleyfoo

    Finleyfoo – What Supplements I give him

    A lot of you have been asking how FInleyfoo looks so young, and so well for his age as he is neary 10.5 years old, So I thought I would share with you what he receives on a daily basis, and how it has helped him improve and be the dog he is today. Well unfortunately he has got arthritis in his hips, so I first started him on YuMove, which is proven to work in just 6 weeks*, thanks to ingredients like the world’s top strength, cold-extracted ActivEase™ Green Lipped Mussel and Glucosamine for dogs. And I actually noticed a difference in Finleyfoo within 2 weeks. He started on…