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    Designer Dilly Grey

    It was Vickie who invited me to the press day she was sharing last week in London with the other designers, and stylist and I am so glad she did, Vickie is a very warm, compassionate and humble designer. I think she is a breath of fresh air and it’s so lovely that I do not now have to travel abroad to purchase such vibrant, detailed and well made lifestyle accessories for my home. Vickie El-Rayyes launched Dilli Grey in 2015 after 20 + years in fashion, including senior buying roles at retailers Monsoon, Warehouse and East. Scouting vintage markets in the Far East with her mother in the 80’s…

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    Come to my Favourite shop

    Hello Lovelies, I wanted to take you to Anthropologie one of my all time favourite shops. Why do I love Anthropologie, I just feel it’s a shop you can go into and wander around and just lose yourself, it has something for everyone and is always designed in such a lovely way. It makes me feel, remember when you were younger and you looked at tree trunks and wondered if there was a door to where the fairies lived and if you entered it there would be this beautiful folksy cute house, full of trinkets and beautiful things!. Well this is Anthropologie! I first discovered Anthro when I was away…